Patio Cover Ideas – Three New Ideas

Most of us have patio at our places and still we are unable to sit outside because of unexpected rain or too much heat. In order to make sure that you would be able to enjoy all types of weather outside with your friends and family, it is recommended to have patio covers installed. It will also help you to give a new look to backyard. However, it has been observed that many people find it difficult when they are looking for new ideas to install patio covers because most of the people have traditional kind of covers. Therefore, in this article, I will mention new ideas to install these covers.

My first idea is to use arbor as a patio cover which is usually made up of wood or metal. It is a simple framework or a structure supported by vertically erected columns.It can also used to support the growth of plants like orchids that require support while growing. The top part of arbor should be a matrix of lightweight beams. You can even plant or hang creepers and orchids on the structure, once the arbor has been installed and the roof is erected properly. However in this case, you cannot use patio while it is raining as arbor patio cover does not protect the patio from rain. Therefore, it is recommended to use light weight compatible roof to prevent the raining from falling on the patio.

My second idea is to cover the whole patio in a way that it would look like a room with huge French doors and roof totally cover up. It may sound weird but you can use this type of patio in any kind of weather and you can even put your electronics devices such as computers or televisions in this type of patio.

My third and last idea is to use “sail away” method to install patio covers which is very unconventional approach. Generally sail is a piece of canvas which is hundred percent waterproof and it can be attached to supporting pools or can be tied to the top of arbor to make your perfect patio. As sail can be easily be tied up and can be removed, it can be a very convenient way to have a portable patio covers anytime you would want. You can also use this technique to have patio umbrellas and by choosing different colors and sizes in umbrellas, you can make it look very different and attract.

Awning Not For Yawning – Patio Covers a Good Idea

Planning a lunch with the family? Are you having people over from overseas and you want to entertain them? Do you think it’s going to rain on the day they come over? Not to worry! Install a patio cover for your home and you can entertain guests through any weather, rain or shine.

Every home owner needs the assurance that things will go according to plan no matter what lift throws at them. And this is what a patio cover will provide for those who just love entertaining people in their home. Peace of mind, at last.

Didn’t you hate it when you had people over you wanted to impress but the weather was so scorching hot that your outside brunch turned into a lunchtime cook-out? You should have had a patio cover in place and that harsh midday sun wouldn’t have spoilt the party.

Didn’t you hate it when it started storming even though it was hot and humid all day? Well, the pouring rain would not have soaked your guests or spoilt their hair had you installed a patio cover, awning or even a screen room. There are no set rules but common sense should tell you that your entertainment area should be prepared for any occasion or weather.

Installing a patio cover is one way to stop the sun and rain from ruining your day but you may be worried about it not feeling like outside anymore. Well, depending on your home and its environment, you should be able to find the right type of cover that won’t close everything up.

Better yet, these days you can even go high-tech and install a clear patio cover that can block out harmful UV rays. These are probably more expensive but the convenience is brilliant. Clear roofs with up to 98% UV protection are great for the summer months, while being equally effective during the rainy season.

These types of covers also give you the option of going completely clear allowing maximum light, 50% shade or even 75% shade for those really hot areas. Feel like you’re outside but enjoy protection from the elements at the same time. It’s win-win for everybody.

Sun rooms take it one step further and acts as a glass house, letting light in but keeping the bugs and wind out. If your place has a view, it could be a wise choice, especially for the protection from wind and sand.

The Benefits of Installing Solar Panels on Your Patio Cover

Your patio is a great place to experiment with solar power for your home. If you appreciate Mother Nature and want to live in harmony with your planet, it is important that you learn how solar technology can be used in your home, allowing you to save money and give back to the environment.

There are many solar patio covers available on the market today. They can either be professionally installed or you can try and install one on your own. If you are interested in installing a patio cover onto your home for benefits such as protecting your furniture, keeping yourself out of the rain, and reducing UV rays around you, you should consider installing a solar cover while you are at it. Many people opt to build their own patio covers following a pergola or arbor design, or installing a retractable awning.

Any of these cover styles can take advantage of solar panel implementation on them. In order to get your patio to take in some solar power, you need to install solar panels on your cover’s roof so that the sun will hit them directly. These solar panel systems are not expensive, lightweight, and can provide you with a different energy source that can be used to power some lighting in your home or be sent back to the power grid. You will save a good deal of money in the long run by doing this, although it will cost you a few thousand dollars to initially install a system, including installation expenses.

Many of these solar panels will offer a warranty of up to 25 years, essentially protecting you if they ever break or stop working. You have the security of knowing that you will reap the benefits of solar technology for decades from this warranty. You can also try to get tax credits from your federal or state government for using solar technology on your home. These panels can be installed on any sized patio cover, so don’t be worried about space. The time is now to get a step ahead for the future and invest in solar technology on your patio cover.