Patio Covers Can Improve the Look of Your House

In the spring time a patio can really help you to enjoy the vibrant outdoors. You can organize summer parties and small picnic for your kids in the patio area. A patio gives you additional living space where guests and friends can be entertained. You can make your patio more impressive by adding attractive furniture, plants, colorful lights, rugs and paintings.

Adding a patio cover to your patio area can really be advantageous for you because these covers protect the area from the bright summer sun and rain. So, now let me tell you about some benefits of adding patio covers to your house.

1. It adds value to your house
It do not require additional space or area; in fact they really help in adding value to your home. Shade covers will give you the opportunity to spend time with your family and friends even under the blazing sun and when it is raining. Covers are very easy to install and they can really give an attractive look to your house.

2. The design and style should be considered
Before buying a shade cover you must consider the design and style. These days various home improvement stores and websites offer very good and unique patio cover designs to the customers. If you want you can even take good ideas and tips from your family and friends to create your own unique style and design.

3. High quality patio covers
High quality patio-covers are long lasting and durable and you can protect them from fading by applying good stain and sealers. If you are considering further home improvements in your house, then you can even cover your patio with glass or screen to give it the appearance of the sun room. Your patio cover would act as roof for sunroom.

4. Installing a patio cover
Installing a patio cover is not a very difficult task and you can even do it by yourself. For this construction process you need an installation kit which should include hardware, gauge stressed aluminum laminated skins, sealants, density EPS foam insulated panels, fasteners, columns and post wraps. All the written instruction about the construction process should also be provided in that kit.

5. You can hire a constructor
If you are not able install this by yourself then you can even hire a constructor for this process. An advantage of hiring a constructor is that they would provide you a life time warranty against finishing problems and leaks.

A properly built and engineered patio cover can really be a good investment for your house.

Three Ideas For Building A Patio Cover

If you have a patio in your home, and you can’t sit on it while the sun glares, you might consider going for a patio cover. Patios can be useless when it’s too hot or when it’s raining. A cover is a simple structure that can be put up even with the most plain materials and tools. Make use of these ideas to build your own covering.

Idea one:

Arbors are the most frequently used cover. An arbor is a structure or framework that supports the growth of plants and creepers like orchids. It is typically made from metal or wood. The structure is being supported by vertical columns, which are made from similar materials.

The upper portion is a matrix or grid of lightweight beams. After installing the arbor and erecting the roof, hang or plant the orchids and creepers on the framework. This helps you make your patio a lot cooler.

You can use lighter and well-suited roof to stop the rain from pouring into your patio. Roof tiles can be attached or mounted on the arbor as well. If you plan to do so, you need a durable material like wood or metal for the arbor.

Idea two:

You can go for the “sail away” technique of installing sails. The sail is a piece of canvas, which can be connected into supporting holes or tied down into the upper part of the arbor. It is at times 100% water proof. This method appears to be the handiest as it can be tied and removed as often as you want.

Use different umbrellas for the patio. Just like the sail, these umbrellas can be very convenient as well. The umbrellas can be installed and removed quickly.

You can choose from different colors, sizes and fashions. The umbrella manufacturers came up with modern ideas such as hanging umbrellas, those that are placed on stands and those that are shaped like canopies.

Idea three:

This idea is considered to be very weird. The entire patio is covered thus resembling a different room. Its sides have large French doors with a covered up roof. This can withstand any type of weather condition.

These are the ideas that you can use when you’re planning to put up your own covering. You can try out other innovative ideas. Just let your imagination roll. Think about how you could make your patio a better place to stay despite the rain and the glaring sun.

Installing a patio cover is a great way for you to enjoy your patio. Choose the idea that suits your taste best and get started. This will surely give you and your family a very good opportunity to enjoy the view of your surroundings.

Advantages of Aluminum Patio Covers

When you are on a tight budget but you still want to beautify or improve your patio, covering it up with a nice shade is always a good option. One highly advisable material to use are aluminum patio covers.

It is a very inexpensive means to making sure that you get just the right amount of shade and heat while you are relaxing in your patio. It is also an excellent means to keep all the harmful elements away from your patio and from your whole house as well.

Here are a few advantages of using aluminum patio covers and why it is always the best choice. Keep in mind that no two aluminum covers are made the same. Shop around for a while, not only for you to get the best price for your choice of style, but also for the best service and features that you can get from the vendors.

1. It lasts longer.

Because it is made of a type of metal, which is aluminum, you can be sure that you will be enjoying your patio cover for many years to come. A lot of houses that had aluminum covers installed ten or more years ago are still in ideal condition and still effectively keep the elements away from the patio.

2. Flexibility.

An aluminum cover need not just be used for patios. You can also have it installed over your carport which will serve as an excellent roof that will protect your car from rain, sun and snow.

3. Ease of installation.

Some aluminum covers, like the Alumawood patio cover is a do it yourself kit. What this means is you do not have to hire a professional installer to have it set up on your patio. As long as you have a sound understanding of home improvement basics, you can easily install such a patio cover in your own house.

4. Attractiveness.

Another good thing about an aluminum metal cover for your patio is that you can have it designed to your specifications to perfectly complement your house’s style. There is also the Alumawood, which looks like it is made of wood when it is really made of aluminum or lattice. What this means is that it retains the elegance of wood while having the durability of a metal cover.

5. Simple design.

Such a metal covering need not be too complicated to install, or afterward, need not look too elaborate. Since it does not require much for installation, it will also appear simpler structurally and will not ruin the overall feel and style of your home. There will be less metal posts to worry about that might cover some of the nice features of your place.